Future Fertility Trust win SECOND PRIZE at Teenage and Young Adults with Cancer Conference


In August 2016, Sheila Lane was awarded runner up of the Lisa Thaxter prize at the Teenage and Young Adults with Cancer conference. Dr Sheila Lane is the clinical lead for the ovarian cryopreservation programme.

The poster was looking at a case study of a young patient who had been admitted with an emergency case of encephalitis and required emergency removal of her ovary. This case highlighted a less traditional requirement for ovarian cryopreservation than the more common use prior to cancer treatment.

The Future Fertility Trust are very excited for the potential to change the viewpoint of clinicians towards fertility and make sure it is something that is considered in any setting where a person’s long term fertility could be affected by their treatment.


Written on 3rd September 2016 by Molly Gilmartin

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